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How Do I Know If A Contractor Is Safe To Hire

We cannot guarantee that you won't have problems with the contractors on our directory. We try to check on every contractor when they register with us to make sure they are fully licensed, bonded, & insured. They all provide us with documentation to prove they meet our requirements. But here are a few suggestions for you to follow.

Call your state agency that licenses & registers contractors. In many states, it is accurate to the very day you call in and is updated the date they record a change. So if a contractors license has been suspended, you will be able to read about it on the states website. If they have code violations, they will appear on their report as well. Take a few minutes to do your research. That is why we have their state contractors license listed if their trade requires one to do business in your state.

Check with the Better Business Bureau. They may not have a perfectly clean report, but the important thing to notice is how they handled any dispute.

Ask for references of their last three jobs, and then call them. Ask them any questions that you might have to learn how professional they were in being on time, on budget, clean up, & final punch list satisfaction. You may ask to be able to see the work they did as well. If a contractor doesn't want you to see a job, there might be a good reason for it, but they also might be hiding something.

Ask for a copy of the State Business License & Contractors license as well as proof of insurance. Keep them with your contract. 

What Happens If I Have A Problem With The Contractor I Choose does not get involved in any dispute between you and any contractor you find on our directory. We do however want to know about any problems you incur, so please send us an email from our "Contact Us" link and include your comments. We will keep a copy in our records. We do ask our contractors to abide in good faith dispute resolution and encourage you to pursue this path with them. The bottom line is that we hope every customer/contractor relationship is a good one, but you may find that you need to hire an attorney at your own expense if it doesn't.